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Scheduled maintenance for Jasmine on 8/02/13, 1AM EST

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Hello Everyone,


For some time now, our jasmine server has been running without CloudLinux. Tonight we will be performing two reboots as a part of the installation process to activate CloudLinux on this server. Downtime during each reboot should be 10 minutes or less, however there will be a period of 10-15 minutes after the reboot where the server is slower than usual as it catches up with requests that came in during the reboot. We will keep this thread updated regarding the status of this maintenance.


Time: 1AM EST

Date: August 2, 2013.

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Why was the server running without Cloudlinux in the first place?

It was on CloudLinux for quite a while. We were testing an alternative called 'BetterLinux' however it was causing more problems than it solved so we disabled it. The server has been stable so we didn't reboot back into CloudLinux [i.e. don't fix what isn't broken]. Since we need to do a reboot to install a security update anyhow we're going to go ahead and boot into a CloudLinux kernel while we're at it.


Hopefully this answers your questions but do let us know if you need any further clarification. The short version is that the whole time the server has not been on CloudLinux - you've had access to potentially all 24 CPU cores on the server. Nobody has needed 24 cores and, as such, it hasn't been an issue :).

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