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Just wanted to say that I was literally left with a major crisis with the old host server going down the day I got home from vacation. I took a three week vacation out of the country and literally got home less than 24 hours before my server with the old host went down. It went down on Saturday morning around 8AM and did not come back until Monday afternoon. However, that was not the first time my server on the old host went down in the past 30 days and without warning and for hours at a time.


Shifting gears and making sure I could find decent hosting services and get all my sites and my clients sites moved was a chore. It was scary for me to have to start with a new host after 9 years with my old host. Even more frightening was the sites I host are Zen carts for clients trying to make money. Having a server down all weekend with no warning and no email notice and 2 day response (on average) from the old host, forced me to make some big changes fast. Clients don't always care why we are down just what we are going to do about it and how fast. Fortunately for me my clients have been with me for years and trusted me when I said we got to move please be patient.


Mdd was so supportive in responding quickly to my questions and setting up my SSLs on their host. (took my other host literally 3 days to do that and 6 different techs doing it during those 3 days.) I was absolutely amazed how fast and how quickly they did that! Actually I am not used to receiving any response to tickets for days at a time, and this is surely a major change for me.


The reseller account has a little bit of a learning curve over here for me, however, again Mdd hosting quickly responded to my questions in regards to the WHM account as well.


I am even more pleased with the speed on these zen carts! Just amazing! Clients are happy now and making sells and I have had a minute to breath. I just felt the need to say, I am very pleased with mdd hosting and their professionalism and support to me during this incredibly difficult time.


Thank you!



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