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my experience with MDDhosting records.


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Hey friends at this forum!


this is my first time share some experience with MDDhosting, my pet site comes online with help of MDD friends there!


i do really appreciated their fast and quick support and help me settled many problems of setting up and domain transfer!


seems the shared server crowdness is fairly low enough for smooth running the site :rolleyes: ,i got find that MDD is not like those hosting company who host over 1000 domains on 1 shared server ^_^


the connection speed :rolleyes: i feel really satisfied with! as it just online 2 days,uptime i still not tested a result yet!


just share my experience of starting here :rolleyes: !


a wonderful beginning!

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after 1 week test, as a shared account user,i can share some my personal real experience of speed at MDD:


tested 1 same page which hosted with my pet site server at MDD, compare to another same page(same content,same size,same css,same background pictures etc) hosted with bluehost, use an online tool named "which load faster"(it can be easily find it by google), to test them,the result really suprised me:


the litespeed server of MDD test result reports at least 2.1~3.4 times faster than the page loaded at a shared apache server of bluehost, and about 17~60 times+ faster than the page hosted at a shared account at ipage.


my experience these years,never used lite speed server,seems this type server performance one the best shared server until now on response speed and loading speed i ever used yet, i think it is optimal,as a shared account,it worthy on speed! but my page is simply html with submit forms,and css,jquery,javascript,etc. has not much sophisticated software,so it is only my experience of such pages.


it is always there the whole week, so maybe i can say something about its uptime 1 or 2 months later!

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today i got some reports from an online monitor,the pet site is always there online since 15th or 16th of July,i am really very happy with it. i saw the forum notice today and think maybe the error comes from some MDD server reboot? and i noticed it down for about 20 minutes, simply paste it result below for my records.


and i also noticed the google cached result start to appear pretty good results, and i never bought or submited any advertisement, so, i guess it must benefit from the fast speed of the hosting,and i am really glad to tell anytime i ask help by a ticket or email, MDD friends always there try as they can to help me,or give me a very and clear quick guide! perfect!


Down.png 2013-08-03 05:44:08 0 getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND Random.pngRandom Timeout / Connection Refused Confirming.png 2013-08-03 05:44:02 0 0 ms Random.pngRandom Confirming.png 2013-08-03 05:43:41 0 0 ms


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Again,because i do feel really satisfied with MDDhosting! and started to move in another domain since late of thursday! so i can share some real transfer experience myself.


after submit a ticket,i got very quick technical and sales support,MDD friends Tim,Dave,Scott and Michael,they all give very direct help,really man style!

so let share this procedure here to prove the professional of friendness from MDD hosting,although i know that i am only a small shared server client.


at time 08/08/2013 05:56 i do submit a ticket to ask help move in another domain and change the main account domain! You may ask why i do not sleep at this time so early, that is because i do not live at same time zone.

at time 08/08/2013 06:27 i do got a reply about it from sale department,notified the tickets received successfully and will be handled as soon as in working time!

at time 08/08/2013 09:21 i do got a reply from Tim,remind me the risks of change the main domain,i think it is good for a client!

at time 08/08/2013 11:37 i do notified Tim that i accept the risks and would like to know how to change it.

at time 08/08/2013 11:44, only 7 minutes later,i do got a guide from Tim to confirm it change.wow,so fast!

at time 08/08/2013 12:00, i do replied my intention to change,and because the previous hosting in use really could not satisfy our need, and confirm by tickets that i would like it changed.

at time 08/08/2013 12:06, i got a reply to confirm the change on my side! wow, so fast!

at time 08/08/2013 12:12, i do confirmed the change by tickets!

at time 08/08/2013 12:15, only 3 minutes later, i got confirmation from Tim that the main domain got changed! wow, so fast help!

at time 08/08/2013 18:52, i am sleeping during this period because it was night at my side,i woke up and saw the pet site down, i know it was because to main domain change,and not set it as an add on domain yet, so i do reply the ticket and let MDD friends know the pet site is down. With that reply my intention only want them to know the pet site down and i do know why, no any complaint! after 9 minutes, MDD friends give me a detailed explain!

at time 08/08/2013 19:01, i got a reply from Scott,only 9 minutes after i submit the tickets,he gave me a very detailed explain why the site down after the domain change,seems Scott got one hand injured,he said "working with a wrist brace on my left hand", wow, where in the world could you find such a friend still provide you a patient technical support even he was suffering a pain arm? i think he is really kind!


so, i started to prepare movein the domain and back up the data from old server,and unlock the domain prepare....it cost me 1 day.


at time 08/09/2013 20:45,with followed up help and i got a notification from Level 1 support friend and Michael that the domain transfer letter for verification already sent,which means i can now only waiting it transfered to MDD!


all the help i received from MDD i can say is Perfect! this is my personal experience.

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