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I've been with MDD "for ever" it feels like, hosted both IPB board and lots of wordpress based sites and it's the only host I ever recommend to my friends online. I tried other hosts but never experienced the service and commitment I had here, I always come back, :D .


The best thing about MDD is that you can always get in touch with their support and they will answer all your stupid noob-questions, seriously and with respect even though the questions must be making them laugh in the coffee room later ;). I never experienced any other host answering this quickly, it's amazing!

Also, I terminated lots of domains and hostings and it's always been easy and without fuss. Great when you can't decide what domain to use and when you got new ideas to try!


Right now I'm moving house and don't have time to do much work on the internet, but I've got lots of new ideas I'll be trying out in the fall and MDD will be hosting them, no question about that!


I might add that I once upon a time posted a question about bad hosting on a site (the admin zone) and Michael answered and told me what I could expect from a good host and from that day forward I've been with MDD and never regreted it! Best choice I ever made!

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