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3 years proud customer of MDD hosting


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3 years already, time goes fast. Time for me to share a review about MDD Hosting.


I was a customer of another Hosting company for almost 7 years. But the hidden fees just made it impossible for me to continue with them. So I started looking for a company that offered good hosting for a good price. I read hundreds of reviews on different websites and one thing that caught my eye was that almost everyone was positive about MDD Hosting. That was 3 years ago and I think the service just got better over the years. I didn't expect that to be honest, since most companies do the opposite once they start making money from their customers.


Why I am very happy to be a customer of MDD Hosting is that whatever your problem is, there are experts ready to help you deal with it almost immediately. I don't remember waiting for a reply for more than a half hour. Usually I get a reply immediately even if it's weekend.


To name a few examples of the excellent service MDD Hosting provides:


1. Due to an old and not updated version of wordpress my account was compromised. That was my fault entirely because I was stupid to not update it frequently. To prevent further damage they shut down my website and sent me an email immediately telling me about it. My old hosting company didn't bother to send you an email, they just suspend your account and wait for you to find it out on your own. Either way, they scanned the files and showed me what the problem was. They also offered different solutions on how to solve the problem and telling me to contact them if I need any support with it. I did and the problem was solved very quick. This morning I noticed that I forgot to put an empty index file on my server to prevent folder listing. Since cPanel is blocket at work, I contacted support if it was possible to put an index file in that folder. Once again: This is not something they have to do. My old company will just charge me a fee for this. But MDD Hosting did not only put an index file in the folder I requested. They also checked other folders on my server and put index files in them too. Something I didn't even think off myself. This is why I love MDD Hosting. They are responsible, quick and have a lot of expertise in their field.


2. The second incident happened a while ago. I was starting a website and was confident that it will get a lot of traffic. I opened a ticket asking about the possibilities. Where every other company would gladly sold me an upgrade to Semi-Dedicated hosting or a Virual Private Server, MDD Hosting told me to just make a new folder (I have a shared hosting plan) and redirect the website to it. Once the website starts generating a lot of traffic, then I could contact them to move the website to Semi-dedicated hosting or a Virtual Private Server. This is something you don't expect from a company. The whole concept of a company is making money, but MDD hosting seems to think otherwise. Customers comes first and money comes later.


If you value excellent service, advice and professional support don't look any further. Give MDD Hosting a chance and I promise you won't regret it.


Finally I would like to thank the support team. A lot of thanks to Michael Denney (I think he is the founder, but he is humble enough to answer every stupid question I throw at him) and Scott for the excellent help and service.


A very satisfied customer.

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