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Any existing customers offers on the horizon?


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Hello Mike/Scott is there any existing customer offers coming up ?


You may remember me talking with you last year about offers for existing customers. They never seem to be near my renewal date, and last year you said there may be one in time for my renewal, but it came about a month after I had renewed.


Just dropping a little hint, well a Big One actually. :rolleyes:


Oh and if I was to buy two years does the cost come down.


Thank You.

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My advice would be simply to take advantage of the next one regardless of whether you're near your renewal date. That said, I don't know when the next one will happen - it's semi-random :).


Thanks Mike, yes I know I can take advantage even if it's not near my renewal date, but when I have just renewed and the offer comes in I don't feel like opening my wallet again so soon. :P


Do you believe in hypnotherapy? You are feeling very random at the moment in fact you're feeling Semi-Random. You are thinking maybe a random moment should happen in your life. No I didn't mean go and get a beer :D


Hang on was that a random email I just received ? Nope maybe next time.


Enjoy your Random day.

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