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BackupBuddy -- Is anyone using this WP plugin successfully?

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We've been having a hard time with the BackupBuddy plugin for WordPress, especially with the newer versions, and I'm wondering if anyone else has too, or better yet dound a solution. Apparently it's a compatibility problem with LiteSpeed servers. Michael and Scott were good enough to spend some time on this the other day, but with no luck, so I thought I'd put it out here. Here are the problems that we consistently have on all of our WP sites:


1. Backups don't complete, especially larger backups (over say 200mb), though small backups fail too quite often.


2. Often a temp backup zip file is created, but the final step of checking file integrity and moving the zrchive to the backups directory fails.


2. Temp files aren't deleted, so account disk space is eaten up quickly until we delete them manually.


3. BackupBuddy limits on the number of backups to save aren't honored, with the same result as above.



Things that help somewhat:


- increasing PHP max execution time and memory


- turning off file integrity checking and zip compression


- running a manual backup in "classic" mode -- not helpful for scheduled backups though


- Michael got one answer at the LiteSpeed forums, apparently one LiteSpeed user fixed the problem by adding this to the WP root .htaccess file: RewriteRule ^$ - [E=noabort:1] That hasn't helped us though.


Anyone else having this problem, or hopefully found a solution? There are a couple of forum threads running at iThemes (BackupBuddy developer), if anyone else is having this problem, please chime in over there. I don't get the feeling that iThemes feels that LiteSpeed is a common server or that there's any real urgency for them to find a solution. The person who started this thread says that their host did find a fix, but I haven't been able to get details from anyone:




Thanks all,


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Yes and no. Had issues with the restore utility but the backups are useful for manually restoring a site to previous condition if:


1) You include all the database information;


2) You not only back up frequently enough but keep a good number of backups available. On person/company I was involved with set it to only keep one back up. Well, when one of their client sites got infected they only had one backup of the site files and that backup had been made after the infection. So they "cleaned" the site by restoring the old files, except all they did was replace infected files with identically infected files. And mind you, the guy responsible for this not only claims to be an MCSE and networking specialist, but also claims to be "the best selling SEO author". :lol:

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RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule .* - [E=noabort:1]

# BEGIN WPSuperCache
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
#If you serve pages from behind a proxy...

This is what my .htaccess looks like at the top. Is this correct?


I can't seem to get backupbuddy to send to DropBox. It creates the backup just fine. The file is 36mb so maybe that has something to do with it?

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This page may assist with the issue related to BackupBuddy & DropBox:



The .htaccess file looks fine, from what we can see, but their own support may know better.


Thanks for the reply Scott!


Is it possible to increase the php max execution time time on a client's account under my reseller hosting with you guys? I found a thread where it was mentioned that php.ini is not allowed, but it mentioned you could make php changes through the .htaccess file somehow. I haven't done this before, any help would be appreciated!



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