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The ip "" came under a rather large DDoS attack a short time ago. The attack was only about 300 megabit, however, it was comprised of over 500,000 packets per second which is enough to effectively take the entire server offline as the kernel can't keep up with that much. We've been forced to null-route (i.e. de-route) the affected IP to keep the service online for everybody else not on that IP.


As usual, we're going to work to mitigate this including, but not limited to, changing the IP address of affected accounts. There is a possibility that the attack will shift IPs when this happens and, if that's the case, we'll have to keep moving and splitting accounts until we are able to identify the target.


It's important to keep in mind that we aren't under attack, but one of our customers is. The attack is simply a packet flood to port 53 (standard DNS port) so there is no way to identify who the target is based upon the traffic / packets / data alone.

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Tentatively resolved
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The attack has shifted to a DNS IP. Not sure why... Perhaps they're tired of chasing a moving target. If they just continue to attack whatever site they want offline we'd eventually identify the target and isolate them. We, as always, are working to mitigate the attack to keep as many people online as possible.
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I am marking this as tentatively resolved.


There have been a few short, smaller bursts of the attack coming back, being automatically mitigated, then stopping after a small amount of time, so I suspect the issue is over, although it is still possible for the attack to return or evolve.

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