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Icarus Server Instability

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Update - 02/20/2013 - 9:40 PM ET

This issue is now resolved.




On Monday, February 18th at approximately 6:20 AM ET the Icarus server crashed with a Kernel Panic (i.e. when something goes wrong with the operating system and it 'gives up' and crashes). This sort of situation is out of our control beyond which version of the system kernel we boot into. One would think the latest 'stable' version would be stable but more often than not we've resolved one problem and found two new ones during kernel upgrades.


Unfortunately kernel upgrades are required not only for security purposes but also to resolve issues that can cause the server to lock up unexpectedly as it did on this morning. During the process of troubleshooting the panic we decided to upgrade to a newer version of the kernel.


This morning at approximately 2:50 AM ET all was well until our R1Soft backups decided to run at which point the server hang up and quit responding forcing a reset. We believe this to be a Kernel issue, but possibly it's a R1Soft issue. We're going to be working with both software vendors to try and find the source of the issue.


If you have any questions at all, just let us know.

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We don't expect any unexpected instability at this time as we've disabled the backup system for the server temporarily. We're going to work with our vendors to try and resolve the issue prior to re-enabling backups. When we are prepared to give it a try, we'll update this post prior.
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Within the next few hours we are going to attempt starting the R1Soft backup process for this server. We're going to have a technician sitting at the system and logged in so that if the system decides to lock up again we should be able to kill the backup without rebooting the server.
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