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Degraded Raid Array - Drive Failure - Demeter Server

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The Demeter server has had one of it's 8 drives fail and, as such, the array is degraded. We run RAID10 which allows for drive failure, removal, and replacement. While the drive is missing performance may be a little lower than expected and during the rebuild period as well. It should barely be noticeable if at all, but we wanted to let you know either way.


The drive has already been pulled and we're going to be inserting a new drive and rebuilding the array very shortly.

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root@demeter [~]# MegaCli -PDRbld -ShowProg -PhysDrv [252:5] -aALL

Rebuild Progress on Device at Enclosure 252, Slot 5 Completed 5% in 14 Minutes.


At this rate it will take approximately 5.5 to 6.5 hours to finish rebuilding. I'll try and update this thread later this evening but, worst case, I'll update the thread once the rebuild is complete.

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The array is fully rebuilt and optima as of 12:53 AM.


***** centreon Notification *****


Notification Type: RECOVERY


Service: Check Raid

Host: Demeter


State: OK


Date/Time: 07-02-2013 Additional Info : OK: 0:0:RAID-10:8 drives:0GB:Optimal Drives:8

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