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Outbound Spam Issue with Jasmine and Gemini

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We have, at least temporarily, had to disable all outbound email (port 25) on the Jasmine and Gemini servers. The servers have been blasting spam and upon investigation we were initially unable to identify the source due to the nature of the attack.


We called in a third party security company that has expertise in dealing with this sort of issue and will keep you updated. In the meantime all web sites will function as normal, but outbound mail will not.


We do apologize for any problems this may cause you, however, until we have this issue resolved we cannot allow the server to blast out spam as it has been doing and the only way we've been able to stop it, thus far, is by closing the outbound port.


While we do our absolute best to keep everything rock solid and secure, we are humans working in the real world and unfortunately bad things can and inevitably will happen and we're going to do our best to get this resolved as quickly as humanly possible.


We'll keep this thread updated as we learn more.

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We believe we've identified the core issue and resolved it. We've moved the outbound mailing IPs to new (clean) IP addresses so that normal email delivery can continue. Any messages sent during this issue were queued and will be going out very shortly.


There is the possibility due to the amount of spam that was sent that our entire ranges could end up blocked and, should this happen, we'll be working as quickly as possible to get said listings removed.


If there are any changes, we'll update this thread but at this point everything is stable.

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We're enabling CageFS on the Jasmine server currently to help prevent this sort of issue in the future. Unfortunately it's quite a bit more intensive to enable than we anticipated otherwise we would have waited until an off-peak time to do so.


We apologize for the slowness you may see for the next few minutes.

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