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I just bought an iPhone 5 (Verizon). I like everything about it, except for how easy it is to blow through a tiered data plan on 4g.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to reduce this data usage? I already tried using an app called Onavo, but a speed test reveals a dramatic drop in speed (Even when on Wi-fi).

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I was on an iPhone 5 for a year and now a 5S - I haven't had any issues with using too much data but I am usually near wifi.


Even the few times where I've streamed music when not around wifi - the usage wasn't too bad.


Sharing 10GB of data between 7 lines, we usually have 50 to 70% left at the end of the billing cycle but a few times we've been down to 10% or close to going over - but not due to an iPhone.

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