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Emergency VPS node (Atlantis) maintenance

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12/10/2012 6:30 PM ET

All customers are now back onto the normal high-end hardware at this time and this issue is considered resolved.



We have determined that emergency maintenance is required for the atlantis VPS node. We are temporarily relocating all VPS servers on this node to another server and will migrate them back when maintenance is complete. You may notice your VPS is offline for 5 to 10 minutes while it shuts down, is moved to the temporary server, and is brought back online. No other significant changes will be made, your IP addresses will not change, and overall this should have a very minimal impact on all VPS servers on this node.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, or to contact our support department.

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I'm seeing that the temporary node isn't handling the load as well as we expected, things may slow down a bit, however, hopefully this maintenance will be done within the next 18 hours (i.e during off-peak time).


In the event that we're not done by Monday, we're going to see about having an additional temporary server racked up to help balance the load.

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We looked at bringing a secondary temporary server online but the time it would take to install and configure and then resume this process was longer than the remainder of time doing it the way we're doing. We're doing our best to keep from having to take anybody offline entirely.


Once the transfers themselves stop things will become much more responsive as right now it's just the disks trying to keep up. Then when we start transferring them back out we're going to start with the smallest VPS first so that we get as many off as quickly as possible to lighten the overall load.


Unfortunately this server isn't handling the load nearly at all like we had planned - so we're going to be drafting some new policies and procedures for this sort of maintenance should we ever have to do it again. Ideally the move to another server is nearly transparent and allows us to get the work done but it looks like our temporary server specifications weren't updated to match the specifications of the current production server.


Let a little thing slip by and eventually it'll cause problems and that's exactly the case here.

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It looks like we're going to have to stop all VPS on the temporary server while we finish up the transfers as it's bogging down entirely too much and will drag the slowness out for easily 18+ hours. The transfers will take substantially less time than that. It's a decision I hate to make, but this is simply taking way too long as we can't have things this slow for this long.
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