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When I joined this site I was hosted on a different host one which had good service but poor support , well rude support staff. I kept looking into mddhosting but was unsure as I like directadmin and not cpanel.

After getting a bit tired of the rude staff over at hostpc I went for vps hosting as thats what i think I am in need of for my sites. I saw that mddhosting was offering vps and even had vps with directadmin so I signed up.


I had never used a vps so was not real sure how to run it but mike and other support staff have been very helpfull in getting me started and going in the correct direction. They are not rude at all like hostpc was which was a huge releaf and I do not feel like I am going to get chewed out for not knowing some thing when I contact support for help. I really like that I am treated more like a friend then just another customer, its a great feeling and one I like.


They even helped me set up a shoutcast server and helped me work out many issues I had with it and must hosts would just say I would need to contact shoutcast or the support for the software I was using but mdd helped me instead which is great.


My sites I have hosted with them are http://otakuplayground.com and http://oc4themes.com

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