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I have decided to post a review for my provider Mddhosting.


Reliability A+

The reliability that Mddhosting has is incredible. Ever since I signed up, I have not experienced one single second of downtime. For a shared hosting provider this is incredible. Every single provider I have tried in the past has at least a few minutes of downtime a month. Having 100% uptime is amazing.


Speed A+

The speeds I am experiencing are awesome. With my previous provider there were some periods where things were fast, and other times things were sluggish. With Mdd, everything is fast all the time. In fact my page load time is over 60% faster than with my previous host.


Support A+

Support response times are also another major factor. I get a response in less than 5 minutes on average, from a competent person who actually knows what they are doing.


Price A

This one was one of the major factors that caused me to delay signing up. They are double the price of what I was paying at my previous host. I decided to take a chance, since they have a 30 day money back guarantee. The higher cost is definitely worth the reduced hassle and headaches. No longer do I have to submit tickets a couple of times a week because Mysql is down. Since everything is always up, I don't have to waste time constantly submitting tickets.


Honesty A+

I really like that they publicy post the status of all their servers. They are fully transparent, and don't try to hide anything or make up excuses.


Overall, I hope they keep up the great work in the future, and don't sellout or change anything.

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