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I noticed when I was installing Drupal Kickstart Commerce that my CPU usage went up to 75%. I'm going to finish the installation another day, but I was wondering if the CPU allowance resets every day. I thought I saw something about that in the TOS but when I tried to find it, I couldn't. And what should I do if I try to resume the install and the usage goes even higher? I don't think it should since I'll be finishing the instillation rather than going through the whole process. Since Kickstart is several Drupal items in one I could possibly delete it and install the different components one by one to make it less taxing.




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CPU usage is measure in an instananeous sense. It refers to your current usage at that moment and goes down as soon as the actual usage goes down. The stat is "spikey" in that the goal of any given process is to use as much CPU as possible to finish as quickly as possible... Many scripts will run with a high amount of CPU for less than a second and then be done. Unless this stays high for an extended time, it really isn't an issue.
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