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Transfer or Namesever?


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From what I understand, it's better to have the webhost and domain registrar separate I have a domain from NameCheap and when I went to sign up for MDDH, I saw the options. I'm not sure if I should transfer my domain or "I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers". The "update" option sounds like what everyone has recommended, but I'm not sure. And what's a namesever?





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Many people like to keep their domain registrations seperate from their host in the event the host disappears or otherwise has issues so that they still can control their domain or move it to another host easily.


The options when signing up basically allow three things:

1. Register a new domain.

2. Extend your current domain registration for another year by transfering the domain to us so that we become the domains registrar.

3. Leave your domain registration alone and set the nameservers setting with your current registrar to the nameservers we provide. (Suggested unless you want a new domain or for us to be your domain registrar).


Nameservers are the DNS servers that will be queried when another computer or server wants to know which IP is correct for your hostname.

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Thanks Scott. I actually just signed up. But when I entered the nameservers in NameCheap, it said there was an error. was I supposed to take the spaces out? I didn't know if they were there for a reason. I tried ns1 and ns2.



ns1.mddservices.com -

ns2.mddservices.com -

ns3.mddservices.com -




*edit for font error

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