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Reseller without WHMCS?


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I'm interested in an account with WHM, but don't need WHMCS. I'm hosting a few sites for family and friends and don't need any billing, but having WHM is convenient so I can keep the accounts separate with their own quotas, control panels, and users. I currently have a small account hosted elsewhere that is WHM-only, but am shopping.


My impression from browsing these forums is that a couple of years ago you priced WHMCS as an add-on or allowed it to be removed a discount. Nowadays, "free WHMCS" is good marketing, but for low-end reseller accounts it seems to me it's actually significant part of the base cost. It pushes the price up higher than I'd prefer to pay.


Would you consider a low-end WHM-only plan, either as custom or a low-end offer? Thanks for listening. If not immediately, just consider this as potential customer input.

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I'll just chime in to say that I "downgraded" my service from a VPS to a reseller account here at MDD, and the service has been great. It was a pretty painless transition as MDD took care of everything. The service has been very stable. If Mike is able to satisfy your questions about WHMCS I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his reseller accounts.


Because he limits both the disk space and the number of cpanel accounts I think he avoids the people that stuff their accounts full of sites and stress the server.

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