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Hello I have been reading elsewhere about someone loosing his forum database and forgot to make back ups. I save a weekly backup of my forum to my computer, and I've just noticed MDD has Automatic Daily Backups on it's basic shared package. Does this mean if I have a problem and contact you, you could push a button and restore my website to a previous day?



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Our backups are for disaster recovery, not for "oops, I broke something without taking a backup first." Now that isn't to say we aren't willing to help should the right staff with access to the backup systems be available and have some free time, but ultimately unless the issue was out of your control, you really should take a backup of your own before making any big changes :).
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Thanks, I should have worded it better. I was thinking more about if some bad guy managed somehow to take over my site and threw me out, you would be able to regain control for me?


In the event your site is compromised, we generally suggest restoring from a clean backup and immediately patching the vulnerability that was used to take over.


If your login details are compromised for a script within your account, you can generally recover this by directly editing the database through PHPMyAdmin or similar. You would need to contact the scripts developer regarding how to do this as it is outside of our support scope. A full restoration can also fix this, but it may be overkill depending on what was done with your login details. It is also important that you take steps to protect the login details in the future and/or protect other services that make use of the same information.

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