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how to build new site while old site online


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hi all


Not sure if I can post this here but I'm having trouble finding help even through google ( I don't really know how to phrase it I think ).


I've just moved to MDD, and I'm now wanting to upgrade and redesign my joomla based sites entirely, while keeping the current sites online and active.


But I don't know how I do this ? What's the best way to do it ? It appears that I just create a subdirectory inside the root folder of the current site and build the entire site there. Then I'm not sure what the process or steps are to delete the current site and replace with the new one using the original URL. Does that explain it enough ? Is this how I do it ? are there several ways and are there things I need to be aware of ?


And also, are there recognised search terms to find some help through google ? It's all new territory for me doing this.


Thanks for any help




PS I've found a few things using 'how build new website keep current website active' search terms, but I forgot to specify joomla as I got lots of wordpress. I'll try that. But if anyone here can help, please jump in...

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