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cPanel security question


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Hello hope everyone is well.


I'm getting a bit security concious, and have been adding extra security measures to my websites.


I was wondering about cPanel access. should I be doing anything more about access to my cPanel?

I have Username and Password but is there more I could do to protect it?


Thank You.

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Two things come to mind, and both are fairly easy.

1- Always connect using SSL (HTTPS) protected connections. I believe this is the default, but it might not be this way on other hosts. Always use SSL when given the choice. Anything sent over regular HTTP is essentially "visible" to anyone who is "looking."

2- Ensure you have chosen and are using a strong password. If your password can be easily guessed, no security measure will keep you safe. Try to use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Also use a password no less than 8 characters long, but longer is usually better. Do NOT use a password based on common words or names, or that can be easily looked up or guessed (name of your pet or school, birthday, etc).

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