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Cypress Seed Backup

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Cypress is currently undergoing a *full* backup versus the standard incremental backup which is much more intensive and takes quite a bit longer. We started this process yesterday as Sunday is an off-peak time for such processes, however we did not anticipate the process running into today as well. Due to it having already spent nearly 16 hours running, and 4 hours remaining we are going to allow the process to continue as not to go a complete week without recent backups. If we were to cancel this backup process now, not only would the last 16 hours be in vein, but we would not be able to keep regular daily backups until next weekend when we could run the process all over again.


I do apologize for any issues this may cause you, as the performance is definitely going to be a bit lower than you are used to until the process completes. I'll try and update this thread when the process is done, however it does not alert us when it's completed and I'll just have to check on it periodically.


You may also notice the server load is reporting from 20 to 30, and this is primarily due to a bug in the current version of the CloudLinux System Kernel. You can read more information on this in another thread on our forum at http://forums.mddhos...-load-averages/


For any curious, here is a screen-shot from the backup process so far as of this thread:


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