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Hello me again, hope you can help.


I have a problem at stopforumspam.com and have been asked to ask you this question.


Confirm with your host that their proxy/load balancer is indeed populating the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR field, and that the last IP in that field's list is indeed the REMOTE_ADDR from the internet. Confirm that any data in the field coming from the remote host is ignored and overwritten.


It's to do with me trying to post a report about spam on my blog, the report gave the IP of they tell me on stopforumspam it's to do with HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and I don't have a clue what they are on about, so if someone could get back to me and answer the above question, I can try to get this sorted.



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No problem :). If you wouldn't mind elaborating what happened in the ticket, here - that would maybe help others who have the same question in the future.


Sure no problem. I have admin must approve comments on my wordpress blog, and I get an email with the comment along with IP and Email. I got a comment which contained spam from an IP address of I'm a member of stopforumspam.com and always report spam comments.


I couldn't report the spam as stopforumspam said it was an internal IP and I shouldn't be using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and to check with My host. the reply for my ticket was

It is required for a lot of services we offer, although I've never seen it used maliciously nor have I seen it report a private IPs before.


So it's catch 22 stopforumspam don't want me to use HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and MDD say it is required. It was a one off problem and now I know if a spam comment comes from an IP beginning with 10 it can't be reported at stopforumspam.


So no big problem after all, but as a newbie it was all a bit over my head. I just want to get on with running my forum and my blog, and I don't understand the technical side of things.


I started this thread first in case some members had some info. In the end I opened a ticket and again as usual was very impressed with the service at MDD :)


If any newbies are reading this, you are in safe hands with MDD and they will take time to explain till you understand via a ticket.

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