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Installing Rubyonrails application


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Hi Members,

I want to install a ruby on rails application in one of my cpanel account i have in mddhosting. Does any one have previous experience installing ROR application?

The cms name is fedena ( http://projectfedena.org ) I have already tried to ask help from Denny unfortunately he cant help me.

If any one of you know how to install please guide me in step by step manner. I will really appreciate your time.



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As you can see from the lack of reply, almost no one is using ruby on rails on our shared services. Sadly, this is for good reason. cPanel has not updated the various tools that any sane ruby developer or ruby on rails webmaster would want when hosting a website. We are tied into the versions cPanel provides to us since some other tools do depend on them. I would suggest trying a rails specific provider such as Engine Yard or Heroku. Both can be quite pricy, but Heroku does have a free plan that can be used for testing and low traffic/importance sites. Beyond that, I would suggest a VPS and being comfortable with ruby, rvm, git and basic cli usage before considering a production rails site.
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