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Redesign site and move to another control panel question

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I have set up two control panels in my reseller account. Under my first panel I have a site created that is currently active. I want to redo my site using different software but leave the current site up and running while I work on it and then switch over to the new site. The sites would have the same name so I am looking for a way to handle this.


I think what I need to do is add the domain under my second control panel installation but I think this wold confuse the name servers. I would think I would need a 2nd set of name servers to use but I am not sure how to set this up? Also, I need to be able to access the site without assigning the name server to the 2nd site while in development - I think this may just be done by directly going to the IP?


I hope I am clear enough in what I am asking as this is all pretty new to me. Thanks!

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Just tried to add the domain name to the second control panel and got an error since it already existed. There must be a way to handle this? I am open to alternate solutions. Just want to be able to redevelop sites while keeping the same one intact. I know I could install software to different directories but I would prefer the home page to just show as the main site name without a directory listing but maybe that is my only option? Thanks for any help.
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