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Two sites on one plan


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Anyone know if It's possible to have two websites on one plan? at the moment I have one domain for my small forum running on my basic shared plan. I was wondering if I could also have another domain for a separate blog?


For example: http://psoriasisclub.org which I have now for my forum, and http://adifferentname.com for a separate blog.


If it is possible how would I go about it in my cPanel?


Thank You.

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Absolutely! What you're asking for is called an "addon domain" and they're super easy to set up in cPanel. To start, login into cPanel and click on the "Addon Domains" link and fill in all the text fields. After you enter a domain name, cPanel will automatically suggest an FTP username and location to store files for your new domain. Type in a password and you've got another domain hosted on the same account :) When you add another domain like this, your DNS records should be updated automatically but Mike or Scott will correct me if I'm wrong on that. Good luck!
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It worked, that was easy. I know have a new blog to play with.


Thanks kuemerle5 and Scott for the info. Am I right in assuming if I keep an eye on my Disk Space Usage and Monthly Bandwidth Transfer, I could add another?


The sidebar in cPanel should show if you how many add-on domains you have used and what your limit is, if any. I think all of our plans currently allow unlimited add-on domains. Do remember that your processor limits are shared across all of the sites in your account. As your sites grow, you may find that some need their own account.

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