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Bad Support from Stable Host


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My friend just managed to grab black friday deal of stable host which offered 85% Off on shared hosting.

As he was having issues with payment, he asked the support team for the exact amount of payment in Indian Rupees where the support team directly told him that they dont know. For this statement my friend commented to get details about the currency he need to pay in INR and just neglecting is not a solution as he need exact amount in INR to be known inorder to pay. And added that the customer support team seem not well good and fine.

For this statement the team just said a sentence: I'm going to close this ticket, I'm sorry we can't do business.

And they cancelled the invoice without any notice or the reason for cancellation.

What you guys think, isnt it unjust towards a client ?

My friend is not getting where to host his site at best economic rate with best services.

I suggested him MDD hosting, but as he got lured with the 85% OFF discount from stable host he has no mood to get with any other hosting with more payment.


Can he get the black-friday benefit of 60% OFF from MDD ?

I will convince him to try MDD service if this is possible.


BTW, was it fine for him to go with stable host ? How is their service ?

Could someone if experienced could write down a honest review in short ?


I still prefer MDD over any other hosting for its super fast page loading with minimum or to say rare number of downtime issues.

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I would advise seeking feedback regarding stablehost on a forum such as webhostingtalk.com where people post reviews and give feedback on a variety of hosting companies and all subject matters related to web hosting.


The currency issue is very difficult. Exchange rates fluctuate daily, and to make matters worse, many banks and credit card companies charge fees for working with different currencies. Unless a company has listed a price in a specific currency, I would say it is the clients responsibility to understand what the real cost in their own currency is.


Lastly, the black friday special has already ended. I do believe we have a new deal posted on the front page of mddhosting.com

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thanks for the advise, scott :)

btw, just checked the mdd hosting offer at main page. Its of 25% off, which will prove him little costly.

Anyways, i am posting this to webhosting talk forum as you suggested. There maybe some hosting provide who could give heavy discounts for the 1st year.

Thanks a lot for your kind reply, scott.

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