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Black Friday 2011 - 60% Off Shared, Reseller, and Semi-Dedicated Accounts

Michael D.

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We're excited to announce our 2011 Black Friday deal! The coupon code will be valid for 60% off of any billing term on any shared, reseller, or semi-dedicated account and there is a maximum of 240 accounts that can be created with this promotional code with them being disbursed on the hour, every hour, in batches of 10. Coupon uses do not carry over from one hour to the next and once the coupon uses are used per hour, there will be no more until the following hour.


The coupon code for Black Friday 2011 is "blackfriday". We know ... creative, right? :)


Starting at 12:01 AM EST our front page will display details on the promotion such as how many coupon uses are available for the hour, how long until more coupon uses are issued, and a countdown until the end of Black Friday.


This promotion is only available to new accounts from new customers and only applies to shared, reseller, and semi-dedicated level accounts. The coupon code is valid only on 11/25/2011 from 12:01 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST.

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After reading about MDD and Mike over at WHT I was thinking about getting the 50% off deal next week, but the Black Friday was just too good. :)


I just sign up for a 3 year Basic Plan, although I didn't catch that MDD pro-rates to the beginning of the month, it's still a awesome deal! :)

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Mike, please please please come up with such interesting offers for existing customers too.

  1. We do, from time to time, run promotions for existing customers only. Generally we email these offers out to clients when we run them.
  2. The idea behind a promotion is to help bring new customers on-board to experience our services. This is generally why we do not run recurring discounts/coupons and why discounts/coupons generally apply to new orders only.

We feel that our services, even at normal pricing, are an exceptional value.

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