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Kudos on great service!


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Hi all


I recently upgraded my plan and had a minor issue with quotas. I submitted a ticket and Mike's response was lightning-fast and the issue was resolved in minutes, which is amazing! Kudos, Mike! You're doing a great job. My decision to pick MDD for my site has been vindicated.


I wish I could have solved it myself, I followed the instructions in the welcome email to the T, but it didn't help. Mike said he did the exact same thing and resolved the problem in a jiffy, leaving me wonderstruck! Perhaps the mail should be more detailed so that the rest of us don't feel like idiots, Mike. :)


Thanks again

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There's just something about text-based communication that can make concise answers seem rude. The same answer over the phone would be perfectly acceptable because the tone/intonation would be a dead giveaway as to whether we were being rude or just to the point.


If you are ever unsure, it is safe to assume that we are being concise, as we do not make a practice of being rude to our clients. The vast majority of our clients want quick and concise responses, which fits in very well with the service and support we offer.


Additionally, most of our clients who have worked with hosts offering "phone support" can speak to the horrors of calling in, sitting on hold for some time, struggling to explain the issue, probably being put on hold some more, getting transferred to someone else, explaining everything again, and then finally being told a ticket will be opened so that someone can look into the issue. Surely everyone was reading a very polite script, but that doesn't change the fact that you're ready to tear your hair out... Tickets let us help you much more quickly, let us easily communicate with you, and let you do other things while you wait to hear back from us. Even 5 minutes on hold, is FAR too long. And that's not saying anything about getting transferred around, explaining your issue over and over, how much less efficient the process is, and how much longer the entire process takes.

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