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[Closed] Unexpected Network Outage

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At 07:26:57PM on 11/11/2011 our external monitoring software detected a network wide outage. The outage lasted approximately 9 minutes with about 5 more minutes for our servers to catch up with the sudden flood of requests that came in when the network was restored. To our knowledge, there were no plans for scheduled maintenance or similar. We are still awaiting details from our data center's networking team and will share these details with you when they become available.


At this time, all services appear to be operating normally.


If you have any questions, feel free to post here or open a support ticket.



Update - 10:37 PM EDT

Here is the latest update from our networking team:

At approximately 5:31PM to 5:40PM CDT, we had a network wide outage. The issue returned a short while ago (8:15PM). We are actively working on resolving the root condition that is causing these problems. Additional service interruptions may unfortunately occur as a result of our troubleshooting.
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Yap i notice this down time... my siteuptime.com monitoring inform me at my mail ... it also was at all the mddhosting servers even the main one ... all gives me when i do ping requested time out over than 5 minutes after that its all up again and works fine.
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