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ImageMagick - possible problem


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Resizing a relatively small picture (1024x768, 600kb) using ImageMagick command line utility takes 8-9 seconds. I tried this on 2 different MDD shared hosting servers - the time it took to complete was similar.

I am using a test php page with only one line >>> exec( "convert t.jpg -resize 200x200 ts.jpg")

Any idea why it is so slow? From what I am seeing online, the task should take no more than 0.5 seconds (from replays on http://www.imagemagick.org/discourse-server/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=12106)


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Thanks Scott - I just opened a support ticket for this.


I also did some more testing - resizing of the images to 200px wide (retaining proportions) took:


image 1 (.jpg, 400x266, 42KB) completed in 7.5 sec

image 2 (.jpg, 1024x768, 606KB) completed in 8.25 sec

image 3 (.jpg, 3032x2007, 1.9MB) completed in 8.5 sec

image 4 (.jpg, 4872x3248, 9.4MB) completed in 10.3 sec


Seems that there is a 7+ seconds delay in execution... Image 1 should have converted instantaneously.

If anyone knows why this is happening please let me know.

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