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Review - five days in


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Moving from Bluehost to MDD has got to be one of the best decisions I ever made, and I'm sorry that I didn't take the time to read reviews BEFORE I even started with BH. The need to move started because I was being throttled to death on BH. I tried to contact support to have them give me some sort of clue as to what I was doing, but they told me "that's for me to manage" - which I would love to do, if I knew what could be wrong.


I decided to do some research and after reading all the good stuff about MDD, I made the move. I moved both my domains myself and everything was pretty much set, but I was having two problems: 1) I couldn't figure out why my website was flashing in between pages when it wasn't doing this at BH and 2) my two domains couldn't email each other.


I won't go into the details of the confusion I was causing myself over all of this, but the point was the folks on the forums were very helpful with the flashing bit, and Michael was EXTREMELY helpful in getting the email issue resolved. I don't actually think there was an email problem, I just think I wasn't understanding something properly. But Michael offered to go into my cpanel - OVER AT BH - and adjust a setting for me. That right there was the moment I knew I made the right choice in moving.


I thought I was going to miss the 24/7 live chat feature that other sites have, but since those chats never get me anywhere anyway, and now seeing how awesome this support is, I don't miss it at all. I'm not a novice with this stuff, but when something happens that I don't understand, it's really important to me to have someone in support who actually knows what to do to.


As of now, it's only been five days, but it's been an extremely stress-free five days, and my sites are much faster and I was able to quickly identify the issues that were possibly causing me grief earlier.


I hope to post back in a few months time with only good things to say!

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I thought I was going to miss the 24/7 live chat feature that other sites have, but since those chats never get me anywhere anyway...I don't miss it at all.


That's so true. Having 24/7 support from a typical hosting company is like having a diner right down the street from your house that is open 24 hours, but has really sh*tty food.

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I couldn't agree more on the 24/7 chat thing. I have never found the level 1 support you get from live chat agents to be really useful. Typically, they don't offer more than what MDD has with the knowledge base and the video tutorials.


Ticket support here is fast, and things get taken care of quickly on the back end. For me, that's what matters.


BTW - did you find a solution to the flashing problem between pages? The "insert color style into opening HTML tag" trick didn't work on one of my sites. I seem to remember you changed themes, but I was wondering if there was another solution.

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