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Why do people Dos?

Blind Bandit

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This is something I've been thinking about for a while. I've noticed that in the last week or so there have been several DoS / DDoS threads on WHT and it made really wonder why are so many people being DDosed?


I understand the more controversial you are the more likely you going to be attacked. But it seems DoS / DDoS are on the rise or just very much in the open.


But why would someone want to do this to someone in the first place? There can't be any profit in it for the hacker, and the only reason it seems to is to cause harm to someone else. I don't know it just seems odd so many people are victims of DoS attacks.


Just something that had me puzzled.

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I've heard that organized crime extorts commercial websites with threats of DoS attacks. Either you pay up or they cripple your website.

Bingo. We have a winner. :)


Usually it's about money (extortion). Sometimes it's revenge or international cyber-terrorism (like against a government computer system), but usually it's just money.


Here's an older article that talks about one incident and reads like an exciting movie plot:



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