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There's a c-panel selection for Error Pages that lets you design your own (replacing the MDD default). It provides a box where you can add text and html content, but it doesn't give adequate (for me) directions. If anyone has done this, I'd appreciate some help.


1) You start with a completely blank field. So am I writing in html or xhtml? Do I include a DOCTYPE and the <html> and <head> tags, or will they be supplied by the c-panel program? How about closing <head> and <html> tags?


2) Where will this file be located? I ask because I'd like to include links to css files, but without knowing where this will be, I won't know how to address them. (For my situation, this error page will be used within a subdomain. The css files are in the same directory as the subomain's html pages, so in my index.html file, for example, I use <link href="main.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" >).


3) Can i skip the c-panel intaller and just write an html page myself?

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Hi Mark,


You have complete control, but it is looking for valid HTML as it sends exactly what you put in there to clients when the error is encountered.


I'm fairly certain the tool creates <error_code>.shtml pages in the root of your site, so it would make something like 404.shtml or 500.shtml and then add the correct .htacces lines to enable those error pages. You can do the same thing by hand. If you haven't done it before, try creating a simple error page with the tool and you should be able to see the resulting files and .htaccess directives that were added.


If you have any questions, feel free to open a support ticket so we can troubleshoot your account specifically.

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Thanks, Scott, it worked like a charm. I pasted my complete html page into the blank field and let the tool do its magic. I ended up with a new file in my root directory called 404.shtml. I opened that page in edit mode and found my original code, without, as far as I can tell, any SSI additions. I suppose everything happens behind the scenes.


Anyway, thanks for your help. Nice to see it working.

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