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Internet Thievery - "Providers" who have stolen our new design.

Michael D.

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It seems that a new "provider" has taken it upon themselves to use our new design for their own benefit. They've been making changes to the design, but that doesn't change the fact that they're still using our copyrighted intellectual property.


It's unfortunate that they would steal a design and then take so much time to butcher it when they could have gotten a free [and legal] design somewhere else.


I guess this is what thieves will resort to.




For more details, you can check my blog post here.

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It appears that their site is now gone? It's redirecting to a "Hosting 8 Domain" website now. Is everything sorted now (with the Coomme guys, obviously the illegal design download is another issue altogether), Mike?

Indeed, their site is down, but we're not going to remove what has been posted about them as it's not any less true today than the day it was posted. As far as the download, it's up for download all over the internet and realistically there's not going to be anything we can do about that short of finding those who use the design and doing what we can to have it taken offline.


The internet, unfortunately, is a hostile place.

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It's really saddening that these "providers" will sink to this level, but unfortunately, they have. We found another provider today by the name of "HostYourDream" which is on http://www.hostyourdream.net/ that appears to be preparing a rip of our design to be used on their site. It's not yet active as of this post, but based upon the work they've done on our design I can only assume it will be soon.


If you wish to read the short write-up I've made, you can do so here.


I will update the post with information if there are any updates.

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You know, I think it wouldn't bother me so much if they'd at least take the time to remove our live chat icon from the theme if they're going to use it illegally.


I guess that gives us the opportunity to tell their potential clients that the host they're visiting are thieves.


New discoveries:

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Another day, another thief. This time around "shuffleclick.com"

hosting.shuffleclick.com - Title: ShuffleClick Hosting - Professional Hosting Solutions - Screen Shot

-> ShuffleClick.com is hosted at Softlayer Technologies, Inc.


For those just joining in, it's a rip of our copyrighted intellectual property found at http://www.mddhosting.com/

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