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Email quandry


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I'm having trouble sending email from all of my accounts, panzo.org, twomuse.com and magneticshirts.com.


Using panzo.org as the example, I had set up Thunderbird using the default "smtp.panzo.org" format and used port 587 but today that no longer worked. I received an error from Thunderbird that said "smtp.panzo.org" is unknown and told me to check the server settings.


I tried changing the outgoing server to the "mail.server.com" format and port 587 and then port 25 but neither worked.


Finally, I went back to my MDD New Account Information email and clicked on the hyperlink for my POP3 and SMTP mail address (http://mail.panzo.org) and it loaded something called minecraft-giftcodes.com!


I receive mail fine. I don't send much mail and so really don't know how long this may have been in this state.


Thanks for any help.



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Hello Jason,


First off, this is a topic that would generally be best suited to a regular support ticket where we can view your account and settings and truly investigate what happened. That said, we recently shifted the IP addresses of some accounts and yours sounds like it might have been effected. Do the usual things to clear your computers various caches to force it to get the new IP address. You might need to reboot your computer and possibly any kind of router on your home network.


If you're still having issues after that, open a support ticket so we can investigate the cause and help get a definitive solution.


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