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CloudFlare Interfering With External Links


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Hi Mike,


Please refer to this post on the IPS Community forums. There are a couple other details about Cloudflare listed that you might be interested in, as well. :)

There are always issues when you deal with any sort of caching, minifying of javascript, or anything else like that. The "auto-minify" option is off by default so unless you turn it on, you shouldn't have problems running IPS with CloudFlare.

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I had a huge memory issue with Cloudflare on my IPB forum. I have disabled it. I was using the default settings, but I don't recall if that includes minify or not.


Interestingly, none of my readers saw improvement, including the ones in New Zealand, Australia and the EU. I would have thought they would see some CDN-like improvement.

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I think the problem with IPBoard is that it also tries to minify CSS and JS, and the two conflict with each other (there's a setting to turn off IPBoard's minify). It seemed to work OK with Wordpress, using the Cloudflare plugin and setting WP Total Cache to not minify CSS and JS.
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