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litespeed and domain


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is litespeed also available in your shared hosting?

Yes - it is listed under "Servers and Software" on our Shared hosting details page: http://www.mddhosting.com/hosting.php


and do you also support free domain for life like majority of the other mainstream webhosts?
No, if $10~15/year is a deciding factor then you may as well go with a host that offers a "free" domain (read: built into the cost of the plan). Domain registrations cost money no matter what and if they are giving you one free, it's just because it's built into the price of the plan you're on. Usually the free domain offers require that you sign up for a year or longer (and there is a reason for that).


If you have any other questions, let us know! :)

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another question:

how come MDD limits storage quota and allocated monthly bandwidth while other equally-priced webhosts provide theirs unlimited?

Because we only provide what we can realistically offer without issues. You're welcome to sign up for another "unlimited" provider if you wish, we will still be here once you get tired of the issues you will face.


There are two situations:

  1. You will never use much (i.e. you would be fine even on one of our smaller plans) and as such you will be fine on an "unlimited" plan.
  2. You want to use a LOT of space and/or transfer and will run into issues at an "unlimited" provider, and you likely wouldn't fit on a plan with us.

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you actually have a point there mike, even if im hosting around 5 small html pages and 2 joomla cms my maximum storage doesnt even exceed 300mb and my monthly bw always stays well below 20gb, the current 'unlimited' host i have right now (fatcow) keeps running my webpages into these internal server errors. their service has been excellent during the first 3 quarters but it started going downhill in the last which is kind of fortunate for me to find out before renewing my account hence the reason why im looking for a new and better webhost.

to be honest, as of now im only considering MDD and webhostinghub to migrate on to. both have excellent track records and none have any negative reviews but only with WHH being longer in business. this is why im asking all these questions so i could see it from MDD's perspective. i like it that MDD is more honest in their terms and not jumping into the 'unlimited' smoke-and-mirrors bandwagon.


ok heres one last question which isn't directly related to technical stuff and i hope you won't mind.

i have read horror stories regarding excellent hosting companies being sold/acquired by other companies and then existing customers suffer either due to the service becoming poorer or sudden unrealistic change in their hosting terms. which brings me to the question: are you guys going to sell MDDHosting sometime in the future? if yes, what are your assurance that existing customers won't be affected by the change?



please forgive my english (not my native language).

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