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[Resolved] Fresco Server - DoS Mitigated

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At 7:35 PM EDT our network monitors alerted us to a DoS attack on the Fresco server and we immediately logged into the server and began working to mitigate the attack as well as contacting the networking team to have the attack blocked upstream. This attack was rather large but was not distributed and appears to have come from a single host with an extremely high port speed.


The total downtime was approximately 3 minutes and then the server was sluggish or slow for about 10 to 15 minutes afterwords while the networking team put the blocks in place to block the attack. At this point the attack is fully resolved.


I do apologize for not posting the thread on the forum faster, however, I was actively taking part in resolving the issue and, as such, wasn't able to get the post made right away. Anybody who opened tickets were updated within a couple of minutes as to what was going on and what we were doing about it.


If you have any questions at all, let us know.


This is a graph of the packets per second and the bottom portion of the grap (with the big spike) is actually inbound to the server:


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