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Wordpress 3.2 requires PHP 5.2.4

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In theory, yes, it will be a problem if you don't enable PHP 5.3 for your account. To fix this (and inevitably get better performance), you can switch to PHP 5.3 for your account using this knowledge base article: http://www.mddhostin...-or-PHP-53.html. The current and and soon to be current version of Wordpress 3.2 fully supports 5.3 although I'm sure there are plugins that haven't been updated in eons that are still incompatible with PHP 5.3 which you shouldn't be using anyway. But I digress. Yeah, you be fine just as long as you follow the instructions in the article (you should probably use the Apache handler method instead of the former method listed in the article).


Edit: *still incompatible with PHP 5.3

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On the server you'll be running WordPress 3.2, you will need to have PHP 5.2.4 or above and MySQL 5.0. Anything below that and you won't be able to run or upgrade to WordPress 3.2. PHP 5.2.4 is less than PHP 5.2.17 which we are currently running. It's most likely due to the way we pronounce each version. In any case yes the latest version of wordpress is supported.
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