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MDDHosting 2 Week Review : Beyond the Boundaries!


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I have posted this review in WebHostingTalk already. Here it goes, "


I own a somewhat popular Smartphone Forum and a relatively smaller Blog of the same brand.


We were on iPage before moving to MDDHosting and the experiences with iPage was horrible. Like other noobs I was attracted by their cheap plan and "Unlimited" features and paid for a year in advance which is 35$ and knew the next day that the "Anytime Moneyback Guranty" they were claming is not applicable if you pay with PayPal. Since we were totally new at that time (Feb, 2011) we earned nothing from ads on our sites till then so the price was a deciding factor for us after we wanted to move from HostGator. So after a 3-4 month of pain on iPage server, we finally decided to move to a more decent hosting company with non-overloaded servers. I knew the real face of these "Unlimited Everything" providers and also Endurance Int. Group by then so I was looking for a relatively smaller and reputable company for our hosting needs.


I then found WHT and saw a lot of good reviews of MDDhosting, SpeedySparrow and StableHost. Among those three MDDhosting looked to be suitable for our needs and I chose them after talking with Mike, the owner of MDDhosting. I chose the basic shared plan which was more than enough for us. Now here goes a to-the-point review :


Account Setup : I got my account details, cPanel username, passwords etc just after we paid the invoice with PayPal. Thats Instant! :agree:


Moving from iPage : iPage does'nt use cPanel, so it was not that easy for me to take a full cPanel backup and restore on MDD. So what I did was compressed the public_html folder with gzip which was 600MB in size from iPage Control Panel. I gave the FTP username, password to a Level 1 Tech Support staff in MDD at 2.00 PM IST (Thats about 12.30AM in USA) and the staff did'nt talk rubbish like the iPage ROBOTS and he downloaded and uploaded the 600MB archive within 30 minutes. I then restored the MySQL databases myself. So that is SOLID 24x7 Tech Suppot! :cool:


First Impressions : I was glad to be back on latest cPanel. I was IMPRESSED by the speed my sites were loading at after the domain propogation period of 2hrs was over. That was BLAZING FAST! I felt a ****** and heaven difference between iPage and MDD servers. And thats what I wanted from a host. :D


Features : MDD offers a LOT more things than what iPage did. iPage even disabled InnoDB tables support in their My.cnf .I don't even use all the stuffs offered by MDD. CloudLinux and LiteSpeed are awesome, especially on a shared server, atleast I could feel the difference! iPage gave us a corrupted database backup when we asked for it once. that too 3 days old. and MDDhosting takes backup of their clients' files everyday with R1Soft Continuous Data Protection. Thats amazing! ;)


Price : Price is pretty good keeping in mind the features and the service quality. It costed us 7.38$ for the first month and the 6.50$ recurring each month.


Support : Their support is legendary. The real HEROIC support! The most important part is they don't waste your time posting copy-pasted messages like "Sorry for the inconvience, We'll look into it soon." etc. The only issue which I rarely face is the delay for replying to my support tickets sometimes. (30-60 mins.) Usually they reply within 15 minutes. But that too because of the 9:30hr difference in our time zones. But anyways, even if they take an hour, they answer my queries and fix issues what is important for me rather then getting robot-generated replies.


Uptime : 100% till now, no outages, no problems, no NOTHING! AWESOME.... :D I'm on their Gemini Server btw.



Verdict : Go on with MDDhosting without thinking twice if you are looking for a Fast and RELIABLE host with Reasonable prices. They are just AWESOME! Too good!


For you to check the loading time of my old site on iPage and the new site on MDD,

Old Site on iPage : http://smartphonegeeksin.ipage.com/forum/

New Site on MDD : http://forum.smartphonegeeks.in

Just see the difference!


So, thats it for now! My hands are paining... I'll post another review after a few more months. :)



Rohit Palit "

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