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Australian Webhost Loses 4800 Websites


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Don't know if you guys have seen this story yet:



Basically, an Australian web host gets hacked and over 4800 websites along with their backups were deleted. The web host could not recover the backup and 4800 websites just vanished. Most of their customers did not do personal backups.


I feel so bad for the people that lost their websites.


They couldn't even get their domain registrar server up to allow people to transfer their domains out of there.


Truly a tragic event.


I think it's the web host's responsibility to keep our data safe. I mean web hosts advertise how great their backup systems are. If they really aren't that good, they need to explicitly tell people to do backups themselves frequently. It's also a hassle for people that have large websites to do manual backups so many don't.

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It also points out why you should have a backup of your own site, no matter what your host does. Relying on just the host is a risky business. Always keep a copy of your site on your home computer.


After losing a site once, and only having a three month old backup, I've become slightly paranoid about it. I keep a backup of all my client's sites on a separate VPS hosted in northern California. It backups nightly, with Sunday's backup stored for a week. I then backup the backup to a server I have here in my home. With MDD's backups through R1 Soft, there are three copies in three different geographical locations.

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What is the proper way to make a backup of your site? I know Cpanel has a backup section but there is a few different backup links?


Any help would be appreciated!


The cPanel backup is best until your account is more than 2 or 3 gigs in size. The reason it is better than all else is that it keeps your files, settings, databases, email accounts, dns settings... Pretty much everything. And it can easily be restored on any cPanel server.


Once your account is too large though, you can cause strain on the server by using the cPanel backup tool, especially while our own R1Soft system is backing up the server.

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Thanks for the reply Scott. So far I am impressed with the hosting and thinking of upgrading to the next level and moving one of my larger websites over so I can do an upgrade to 3.2.

A few years back I worked on one hobby website that lost over 500k in posts when there was a fire at on of the hosting facilities.

The site was online for 6 years and had thousands of members and we had to start from scratch. That was a tough pill to swallow.

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