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I'm using the same exact code with PayPal's IPN that worked a month ago on a different host that doesn't seem to be working here -- I don't know if the problem is on PayPal's end, my server here, or something else entirely. So, two questions:


1. Has anyone had any issues using IPN (Instant Payment Notification)? Specifically, it seems that PayPal is now not calling my IPN script --- when I go to Paypal, it keeps saying "Retrying". Is it possible that MddHosting "blocks" certain types of website calls? (Shot in the dark....)

2. As a cPanel newbie, is there a way that I can access the server log to actually see what's going on behind the scenes?


Thanks so much,



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In transferring another client over not long ago that relies upon it, it turns out that PayPal is super slow at updating their DNS lookups. We actually had to go in and edit the code to make it send the


so that it would return information to the right server immediately. I'm sure you can probably log into the account at your old provider (if the script has the appropriate logging) and see that the IPN callbacks are still hitting the old server.


Unfortunately this isn't an issue on our end so there isn't much if anything we can do about it short of suggesting you process orders manually until PayPal's DNS updates.

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