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Cron Job running twice?


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I'm running my first CRON job with MDDhosting and the job runs fine...but it runs twice. I live on the West Coast of the US and thought that maybe it could have something to do with my timezone? My job is set to run at midnight, but it runs at midnight and then exactly 3 hours later at 3am. Anyone else run into this issue? The job that I'm running looks like this:


env php -q /home/myaglebr/public_html/_db_backups/database_backup_script.php


To be honest, this is only the second CRON job that I've ever run, so it might be an issue with the command.... :rolleyes:



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You really are on top of things! :D

I thought that the CRON job would be tied to whoever my DNS is pointing to so I hadn't bothered to delete it. I just went back to my old provider and saw that it was in fact still active so I assume that your reasoning is correct.


Thanks so much,



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