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How did this happen?


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I'm not sure if this anything to do with MDDHosting, actually I doubt it does, but I don't know where to put this.


I own the domain lrastart.org.


I use a subdomain, ftp.lrastart.org, for FTP purposes, of course.


But try going to ftp.lrastart.org. I have no idea what that is, why it's there, or who put that there. I've never seen that site before in my life. I'm utterly confused...

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It looks like however you set up the FTP subdomain you have it pointing to the wrong IP address, Normally whenever you have a DNS entry pointing to an IP that doesn't have a listing for the DNS entry on it, it just defaults to whatever the first entry on it is... so if you go to, you get this site.


I'd assume since your domain is using the Cloudflare NS servers, you just have something set up wrong on that end or you maybe typed in the wrong IP for an A record. Is the IP that your site is supposed to be on?


*just a note: I know nothing whatsoever about cloudflare so this is all just guesswork*

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If you're on a dedicated IP then the FTP a-record is pointing to the wrong place (such as the primary server IP) and if you're on a shared IP then it could be pointing to the right place and it's just pulling up the very first domain on the IP. You could "fix" this if you wanted by creating an "ftp" subdomain if it bothers you which should fix either issue (well, you may still need to update cloudflare).
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