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I'd like to transfer over to your service from another host, but I have an arrangement with them that allows 3 separate IPs with different C-blocks for my three sites on .com .net and .org


Do you have that capability here? Or something similar?



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Would they be different IPs if I opened separate accounts?


My current host has been such a nightmare that I gotta find a host I won't lose sleep over.

You would end up with all accounts on the same server and IP address, the only way you would get different ones is with dedicated IPs and the only way you'd get those is if you could show you were going to use SSL. If we checked back and saw you were not actually using SSL, the dedicated IPs could be revoked.


Realistically if you're not doing anything "black hat", there is no "seo" benefit to dedicated IPs or being on different IPs. Google understands that most sites are virtually hosted and share IPs with other sites. If you are afraid somebody will link your two sites together, you have to keep in mind that you'll likely be on an IP with a hundred or more other sites.

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