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Is your web site down or inaccessible?

There is a wonderful tool that will help you diagnose if the server you are on or the network that services your server is experiencing issues or if it is an issue that is local to your computer, network, or internet service provider. The URL is:



Keep in mind that this is not a definitive test but is instead a useful tool that can help you diagnose an issue and can give you information to relay to any support staff you may discuss the issue with. There are other tools that are more definitive that test from multiple locations on multiple networks from around the world such as Pingdom and host-tracker.


If you are on an MDDHosting server you can view the public uptime reports and status of all MDDHosting servers by visiting http://www.pingdom.com/reports/h3w61or70w2a/ where you can view the current status of all of our servers as well as the uptime history of the servers. Our servers are monitored externally by Pingdom on a 1 minute check interval which means that if any server becomes inaccessible for more than just a couple of seconds it will be recorded. We were using host-tracker before we were using Pingdom so our Pingdom history reports do not exist before the Pingdom account creation.

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