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Ditched my home server shopping site though not until I had learned a great deal about handling databases. My home server setup now displays a computer software site. The computer software uses the database download from Regnow. I acquired it years ago from Phpsugar - ura (Ultimate Regnow Affiliate) - though it was full of problems and bugs. I have now upgraded this software hugely.


List of updates:

- All Categories page

- All Developers - paginated page display and full page

- All Offers - integrated the script with all regnow offers - shows throughout the site and has it's own page - with search!

- Featured - same as best seller page

- Linked it up to a minibb forum to show product reviews - yes or no to review shows on the detail page but will show throughout the site soon.

- Integrated Comments system based on Talkback

- New boxes underneath titles to show if trial or offers are available

- New right side index boxes to show: Top Downloads, Top Rated, Featured Developers, Top Developers, Latest Comments and Stats

- New Admin sections to update new database additions.

- Fully automated one click update where the product database and coupon databases are updated, cleaned of faulty unwanted products and new sitemaps created. The site can now be made to update on it's own.

- Sitemap code for creating a text sitemap that outputs 30,000 urls in just a few seconds to a text file - accepted by Google - nearly 5000 urls indexed now.

- Fixed the browse drop down menu for repeat usage and it also correctly displays prices.

- Theme choice


And lots more besides!


I will be keeping this site as I can write software reviews which will help keep me interested in the site. I will probably be adding opensource software and appraisals too.



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