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Is MDD Shared Hosting Right for Me?

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I currently have the basic shared webhosting service.


I run a Wordpress website with a theme and about 10 plugins active.


I had at most 24 users online at the same time. I checked my cpanel and noticed that I actually hit the 100% CPU limit. This is with just at most 24 users online.


I haven't even launched my site officially yet so traffic isn't close to what it will be.


I had Godaddy basic shared hosting before moving to MDDHosting and I've had over 900+ users online at the same time on my Vbulletin 4 forum without slowing down. Granted, this was only for an hour or 2.


I'm very scared that when I do launch it and have 200 visitors at the same time, my site won't hold up.

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Is your site actually slow, or are you going based purely off of the metrics shown in the cPanel?


Are you running any sort of caching? I highly recommend WP Super Cache and WP Widget Cache if you're not running them.


Beyond that, we host thousands of WP blogs that have 1,000 to 5,000 (or more) unique visitors per day on regular shared hosting with no issues but then again they're optimized with the proper caching and not using any really silly plugins that are known to be troublesome.


If you list your plugins here, I can tell you which ones are likely to cause you issues.

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I don't know if the site was slow or not because I wasn't on when it happened. I'm going by the CPU usage limit which hit 100% several times.


I cannot use WP-Cache because it breaks my theme. I'm using Classipress theme.


Here are the plugins:

Select AddThis Social Bookmarking

Admin Bar Removal (3.1+ only)


Select All in One SEO Pack

Better WordPress Minify

Category SEO Meta Tags

Google XML Sitemaps


uCan Post

User Photo


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