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That's the only way I can describe my experience with MDD hosting and the personal care and attention I've received from John, Scott and Mike. Let me backtrack for a sec: we're an entertainment-oriented site creating family and children content, and have been in the broadband business for over a decade. The last few years we've had some serious issues with various hosting companies, and one of the most problematic was an account we had on FatCow. Talk about a horrific situation. You guys have read all about how awful FatCow is, and I'm here to confirm it. Well, after doing some research we found MDD recommended on several community boards so we decided to try them out. John took my call and boy did he get an earful... I told him from the getgo that we were majorly frustrated and needed HELP fast. He patiently listened to what was going on, answered my questions HONESTLY, and I hung up the phone feeling like there was a company out there who actually CARED. Within 48 hours, MDD was transferring my site from FatCow, and the transition was pretty smooth. A few bumps with my shopping cart came up... and this was what REALLY impressed me: John, Scott and Mike again LISTENED to the problem and vowed to correct it -- even though, technically, it wasn't an issue on their end. When Mike jumped in, rolled up his sleeves, and got in there to help rectify this -- as though my site was his -- well I just couldn't believe the level of service. And ever since my site has been served on MDD, its been working flawlessly -- and yes, FAST! As soon as we're done building the site, I'll share the link and you guys can come take a look. But meanwhile, for any of you who are out there feeling hopeless, or frustrated because your hosting company has driven you to the edge of madness, please check out MDD. You will NOT be disappointed. Real people answering real phones and having honest to goodness conversations with you about your situation. I am in no way affiliated with MDD, just a very satisfied customer wanting to promote a great company. Thanks, MDD!



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